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Sleep and Nutrition


There is significant science associating sleep and nutrition. While food choices can affect sleep, there's evidence that suggests sleep can also influence diet. Weight gain has been associated with inadequate sleep, whereby appetite-regulating hormones are altered.

Imagine waking up after a restless sleep. You are tired, and you realize you are craving carbohydrate-rich foods. In this scenario, your body is looking for an immediate energy source. In order to properly fuel such a day, it is recommended that your pair those needed carbohydrates with fat and protein. The goal is to give your body the fuel it needs while avoiding a carb-induced sleepiness. While carbohydrates may not be labeled as "snooze foods," they actually make tryptophan (a protein that causes sleepiness) more readily available to the brain. Ensuring each meal has a mixture of protein, carbohydrates and fat is ideal.

Read more on Nutrition and Sleep from the National Sleep Foundation. also boasts a great article How Sleep Habits Affect Healthy Weight. Macronutrient Ratios in a Diet

Dental Hygiene

Our mouths host bacteria, most of which is good. However, good oral hygiene is key to keeping these microorganisms under control. Beyond brushing and flossing, some oral hygiene tips include eating calcium-rich foods and drinking water. Foods that are high in fiber have even been linked to a reduction in periodontal disease. Read on for more on nutrition and oral hygiene here.

See what the American Dental Association has to say!

Fueling Kids' Natural Endurance

Kids have fatigue-resistant muscles and natural aerobic endurance, which allow for quick recovery after intense physical activity. While kids are equipped for physical activity, nutrition can play a beneficial role in helping kids feel strong throughout the day. Sport Fueling For Kids highlights both nutrition and hydration needs for active kids.

8 Gameday Nutrition Tips for Young Athletes
Sports Safety 101 Hydration

Finish the School Year Strong

As the school year comes to a close and those end-of-year activities get added to the calendar, you may be even more strapped for meal prep time. Follow these simple rules of thumb, and you'll be able to avoid the drive thru:

  1. Create a basic menu based on theme (e.g., Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Crockpot Wednesdays and so forth). Check out more theme ideas here.
  2. Fill in the basic menu with sides that are easy, tasty and nutritious. For example, frozen vegetable steamer bags pack a punch of nutrition and take very little prep time.
  3. Use a meal planning grocery sheet to note the menu and shop to that menu. Leverage online or grocery delivery services if you must as the costs of these services will still be less than the cost to dine out.
  4. Delegate. Even getting help with a simple task such as setting the table can go a long way. Research shows that including kids in meal prep increases their actual mealtime intake.

The Ultimate Guide to Meal Planning (for Families)

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