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Kids Still Eating Fast Foods


Fast food is certainly convenient and popular. The problem, of course, is that it's just not good for a healthy diet due to all the sugar, high fat and high sodium foods typically ordered by the average customer.


Some fast food companies have made the effort to offer more nutritious foods to kids' meals but most kids still eat unhealthy foods despite these efforts.

Kids' fast food consumption is up despite restaurant nutrition pledges, one study reports

This news story from Food Navigator describes a study in which researchers surveyed 800 par-ents to learn more about what their kids eat when they go to McDonald's, Burger King, Wen-dy's, and Subway.


The main findings show that kids are eating fast food more often and although parents are mak-ing better choices for preschoolers, older kids are still eating a lot of junk foods.

Teenage Obesity Linked to Gaining Weight During Preschool

Early childhood - between the ages of 2 to 6 years - may be an important time that sets the stage for persistent obesity later on. However, it's not really clear why or how to deal with that association.

Path to obesity may start in preschool

This news story for HealthDay describes a study that identifies those crucial preschool years and that kids who gain weight quickly from ages 2 to 6 years are more likely to be obese as teens. It's too early to know what to do with this information or why exactly the connection exists. Hope-fully, more research will be forthcoming.

Water at Lunch May Help Kids with Weight Problems

Drinking water can help anyone lose weight when it replaces sugary beverages and a new study suggests increasing access to water at lunch time can help reduce the risk of obesity in students.

Serving water with school lunches could curb obesity, save billions

According to this University of Illinois press release, the researchers examined the results of a pilot program that was conducted in New York City between 2009 and 2013. Essentially, water dispensers were placed in school cafeterias. As a result, students' water intake tripled and there was a small risk of being overweight a year later.


Although it was just a small decrease in risk, adding inexpensive water dispensers in cafeterias could potentially save billions of dollars, say the authors.

Parents Want to Feed Their Babies Right But Not Always Sure How

How we feed our little ones is important for their growth and development and most parents feel it is crucial and almost as important as forming strong emotional bonds with kids. The problem is that parents lose confidence in their ability to do so after a baby turns a year old..

Parents' confidence in children's nutrition drops as they age, revealing opportunity, IFIC study shows

TThis news story from Food Navigator talks about a study that looks at parents' views on what is healthy. Not surprisingly, the nutritional value of foods was considered to be very important and researchers noted that fruits had fallen down on the list of important foods behind veggies and proteins.

Do You Eat These Healthy Foods

There's always some debate on what's more important - foods having less total fat or having the right kinds of fat. While that's an important debate, I'll save that for another day and offer a look at some delicious low-fat foods that are so good for your diet and your health.

13 Low-fat foods that are good for your health

This article from Healthline explains why these 13 foods ares good for you. They're all perfect foods for a healthy balanced diet - such as fish, lean chicken, green veggies, and more.

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