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Native American Kids, Health and Nutrition in New Mexico


Native Americans have been dealing with high rates of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes, but a collaborative effort in New Mexico is making a difference, with the research evidence to prove it.

Making a Difference in New Mexico: Native American Health and Nutrition

This news story from Pulitzer Center describes the collaboration between Montana University and the University of New Mexico. The effort includes nutrition and physical activity lessons, information on how to reduce sweets and screen time, as well as why and now to eat more fruits and vegetables.


The effort appears to be a success. The kids spent more time outside and parents were more engaged in the process. According to the news story, findings from a national trial are yet to be published but look positive.

School Gardening Programs as a Way to Teach Nutrition

Summer break is coming up fast but that means it's spring and time to plant vegetable gardens. School gardening programs are one way to teach kids about healthy eating – either with traditional soil or with hydroponic gardens.

School Gardens Help Kids Learn Importance of Fruit, Vegetables

This news story from the Orlando Sentinel tells us something that's important to know – but sad. Only about 9 percent of Americans eat enough veggies and 12 percent eat enough fruit. But kids eat even less.


This news story from the Orlando Sentinel tells us something that's important to know – but sad. Only about 9 percent of Americans eat enough veggies and 12 percent eat enough fruit. But kids eat even less.


What to do at school:

  • Plant a spring veggie garden at school.
  • Have young kids plant seeds in small cups filled with soil – let them sprout at school and send them home at the end of the school year.
Better Nutrition for Busy Kids

So many kids and parents are in a rush and it's often easier to go with fast food or convenience foods that are quick to make and serve at home. Of course, "junk foods" aren't the best foods to feed our kids, but we can't make more hours to fit into any days, but there are ways to prepare good food, faster.

Nutritional Strategies to Keep Busy Kids Healthier

This story from Oakland Press offers some times for making healthier foods that don't take a lot of work and time. High on the list are increasing fiber and protein intake without adding extra sugar or trans fats.

What to do at school:

  • Talk about food quality, calorie counts and what makes a healthy meal.
  • Have kids create recipes and meal plans with healthy foods.
  • Talk about healthier options that kids (and adults) can find in most grocery stores.
Nutrition Myths and What You Need to Know

Hoverboards are motorized self-balancing scooter-like things that may be a lot of fun but they can result in some fairly serious injuries. Falls tend to be the main reason for injuries, but burns from bad batteries have occurred too. Overall, thousands of kids and teens have shown up in emergency rooms over the last few years.

To improve your diet, know these four food myths

This news story The Washington Post covers four common diet and food myths. For example, did you know that you shouldn't cut back on your fruit intake when you're trying to cut back on sugar? In fact, the opposite may be true – eating fresh fruit can help you reduce your overall sugar intake. Just because of fruit juices because without the fiber of regular fresh fruit, the sugar intake can go up quickly. Read on for more myth-busting.

Cutting Back Food Waste

Food waste is a big problem in the United States. It costs a lot of money and wastes a lot of resources. In fact, about one-third of the foods we buy end up in the garbage. So it may be bad for the environment and it wastes money. And there's more:

Wasted nutrients: The result of widespread food waste

This news story from Science Daily tells us why tossing uneaten food into the garbage isn't only bad for your wallet. You're also missing out on key nutrients. The news story describes a study that finds a load of nutrients are lost when you toss food out.


What to do at school:

  • Talk about why not wasting food is good for a family budget.
  • In foods classes, discuss ways to use left overs as part of new meals.
  • And talk about preserving foods so they don't go uneaten.
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