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Losing Extra Weight as a Kid Cuts Diabetes Risk


Childhood obesity is becoming a world-wide problem and about one-fourth of the globe's kids are overweight or obese. There are many associations between obesity and health issues such as diabetes and heart disease, but if we can help kids address their weight problems early, those risks can be reduced.

Losing excess weight in childhood cuts diabetes risk

This news story from HealthDay describes a study where Danish researcher examined the associations between weight in childhood and the risk of type 2 diabetes later in life. Specifically, they looked at information for over 60,000 men living in Denmark who had their height and weight measured at 7 and 13 years of age and again as young adults.


They found that boys who were overweight at age 7 but lost the weight before age 13 had the same risk of type 2 diabetes as kids who were never overweight. But kids who stayed overweight or gained weight before age 13 had a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Homemade Food Is Healthier and Cheaper

Eating at restaurants or ordering takeout is a popular way to eat and last time I checked, Americans were spending a ton of money on food they weren't cooking at home. And I totally get that. Cooking can be very time consuming. Grocery shopping alone can take a few hours. Then you need to plan each meal, prep, cook and serve each meal. And then, clean up afterwards. I get tired just writing about it. The thing is, cooking at home is really better for you.

Want cheap and healthy meals? Cook at home

This news story from HealthDay describes a study that found eating out frequently was associated with lower diet quality, more calories and higher costs. This isn't a surprise by any means, so if you want to eat healthier at home, there are things you can do to make it easier.


What to do:

  • Keep your meals simple. Half of your meal should be fruits or veggies, one fourth should be lean protein and one quarter should be grains.
  • Try a service such as Blue Apron or Fresh Direct Meal Kits. They're affordable and you don't need to do the shopping.
  • Experiment with once a month cooking. If you can set aside one weekend a month (and have the freezer space), you can prep a bunch of meals and store them in the freezer. Pop the meals in the oven to save time during the week.
Doctors May Not Discuss the Dangers of Driving After Concussions

Year after year, experts learn more and more about the complications that can accompany concussions and more care is taken to treat young athletes appropriately when they have head injuries. However, one thing to think about, that the doctor may not mention, is the potential for an increased risk of auto accidents when the driver has recently had a concussion.

Doctors often skip discussing dangers of driving after concussion.

This story from Reuters Health describes a new study that focused on sports medicine physicians, their knowledge of the dangers of driving after a concussion and whether or not they discussed the issue with young athletes with concussions.

The study team found that over 80 percent of doctors felt that concussions increased the risk of a car crash but just under half took the time to discuss these concerns with young athletes. The study authors say more research is needed but restricting driving after a concussion may be a good idea.

The Dangers of Hoverboards

Hoverboards are motorized self-balancing scooter-like things that may be a lot of fun but they can result in some fairly serious injuries. Falls tend to be the main reason for injuries, but burns from bad batteries have occurred too. Overall, thousands of kids and teens have shown up in emergency rooms over the last few years.

Hoverboard injuries sending thousands of kids to ERs

This news story from Reuters Health describes a study on hoverboard accidents and found that most hoverboard injuries occur at home and they're serious ??" about 40 percent of kids who went to the ER had fractured bones.


The study team suggests that proper parental supervision and a few pieces of protective equipment such as helmets and wrist pads could reduce the number of new injuries.


The researchers also looked at skateboard injuries and found that more than 120,000 injuries occurred during 2015 and 2016.

Reading Programs - Not Just for Literacy

Programs that encourage parents and grandparents to read with their children are known to improve kids' reading skills, but researchers say the time spent together is also good for behavior and emotional health.

Reading programs may teach parents and kids more than literacy

This news story from Reuters Health describes the study. Researchers reviewed previously published papers and found that kids who participated in reading programs had better social and emotional skills and also had fewer behavioral problems.


Things you can do at school:

  • Offer family reading programs that make free books available.
  • Offer tips to parents so they can learn how to read interactively with their kids at home.
  • Create reading programs where high school students can read with elementary children.
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