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Healthy Snacks for Kids


Letting kids eat snacks between meals isn't a bad thing as long as they provide essential nutrients to their healthy balanced diets. The key is to give kids small nutritious snacks that won't interfere with your normal meal times. Maybe setting a schedule is a good idea.

Consider snacks as part of a child's diet

This news story from Las Cruces Sun News talks all about how to give snacks to kids that will enhance their diet without ruining regular meals. One idea is to set a schedule for snacks and another is to not let kids eat their snacks in front of the TV. Could be great information for parents and other kids' caregivers.


What to do at school:

  • For kids in health class, talk about the importance of eating healthy foods, including snacks.
  • Have younger students make posters featuring healthy snacks that they can take home.
  • High school kids in foods classes can find or create recipes for healthy snacks.
Childhood Obesity Rates Going Up, Not Down

A few years ago, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that childhood obesity rates had levels off and had actually declined among little kids over ten years ending in 2012. But a study in Pediatrics states that obesity rates have been going up since 1999.

U.S. childhood obesity rates rising again

This new story from Reuters Health describes the study. The authors say the findings are not surprising, but they find them disheartening. Other studies show that kids who are obese are more likely to have health problems later. Experts suggest keeping junk foods out of the home while stocking up on healthier foods and being models of good diet behavior themselves.

What to Do During a Serious Allergic Reaction

Severe allergies in kids can be life-threatening and even though adults may know which kids have potentially serious allergies, sometimes kids can be exposed to their allergens accidentally. It's important to know what to do when you see signs and symptoms of a severe allergic reaction.

Experts offer advice for extreme allergic reaction

This news story from Reuters Health tells us that allergy reports in kids are going up, although it's not clear if more allergic responses are occurring or just more of them being reported. In either case, it's good to be prepared for the most dangerous anaphylactic reactions.

The news story goes on to describe the symptoms, such as itchy skin and breathing problems. The key to treatment is having epinephrine injectors on hand to stop the reaction early.

What Happens to Adults Who Were Bullied as Kids?

Bullying is the word used to describe when one kid says or does something to another kid in order to cause distress. It's not uncommon now or in the past. Bullying behavior shouldn't be accepted because it can cause real damage in later life.

What are the adult health consequences of childhood bullying?

This news story from Medical News Today discusses the potential problems caused by by being bullied as a kid. Studies show that persistent bullying is connected to depression and anxiety. More research finds that victims of bullying tend to have poorer health, lower incomes and quality of life as adults when compared to adults who didn't feel they were bullied as kid.

Eating Sustainably

The foods we choose to eat have a big impact on the planet. A lot of resources go into the foods on our plate, especially meats and those out-of-season fruits and veggies. So what can we do to make our diets more sustainable without giving up the foods we love?

A Simple Shift Toward More Sustainable Eating

This article from Food and Nutrition gives us some great advice for increasing sustainability. Meal planning is the key, according to the author. Planning meals reduces the amount of food wasted and can save you money when you buy foods in-season and freeze or can them. Great tips!


What to do at school:

  • Great for foods classes - find recipes made with sustainable foods.
  • Talk about why sustainability is important for our environment.
  • Have kids make posters describing ways to eat in ways that are more sustainable.
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