Contactless School Lunch Solution

Contactless School Lunch Solution

At we are committed to the health and safety of students and staff. These are unprecedented times and now more than ever; schools are opting for paperless and contactless school lunch programs to increase safety. Our contactless school lunch software has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of the current scenario making it the go-to choice that meets the necessary safeguards required to protect students and staff.

We have been providing our services online, securely and efficiently, for years. Our system is proven to make the school lunch ordering process simple for parents and administrators, giving them access to our software from the safety and comfort of their homes and offices. can be accessed anywhere from your phone or computer, eliminating unnecessary contact associated with cash payments and paper forms. The app makes the user experience of ordering and managing school lunch on a smartphone more user-friendly.

Implementing a contactless school lunch ordering and management system is critical for the safety of students and staff during this time of increased concern for the health and safety of students and staff.

Our contactless school lunch program allows for contact to be minimized while students are ordering and receiving their lunch. Instead of handing over paper forms or cash payments, the student simply states their name or ID number and they will receive their school lunch in seconds. The school lunch software reduces line waiting times, which can improve the safety of students as they go back to school during the pandemic.

In events where social distancing is required, our online software can also accommodate for delivering each student’s lunch to their classroom in an event. This further minimizes the contact required for students waiting in line and standing at the service counter.

Opting for a contactless school lunch solution can help improve the safety of students and staff as we return to school this fall.